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The Motivational Value of Competition

Well, it’s been a little over a year since I had my two knee surgeries, and now that they’re completely healed, I’m going to attempt to squat 400 pounds, deadlift 500 pounds, and have a 33 inch vertical jump by … Continue reading

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Finding Humor in a Horrible Situation

One of the best ways to retain your sanity during recovery from knee surgery (or any surgery, for that matter) is to try to find the humor in your plight. If you’re laughing, it’s nearly impossible to be in a … Continue reading

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Get Bent

A while back I made a comment about how the only response I would get when asking about physical therapy was “It sucks.” For the first few weeks of my physical therapy experience, I thought that everyone else was just … Continue reading

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Week 4: Bend it like Beckham

So today is the 4 week anniversary of my knee being sliced open and stuffed full of a dead guy’s body parts, which means that I get to do new stuff in physical therapy. This is good because I was … Continue reading

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My Immobilizer Brace and Me

Borderline personality disorder is a psychological condition which causes people to have intense, unstable relationships with others in which they swing wildly from love to hate and back again. BPD is best encapsulated by the phrase “I hate you, don’t … Continue reading

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