325 Front Squat 2/19/14

Here’s me, three-ish years removed from surgery cranking out a 325 pound front squat. If you have knee surgery, all hope is not lost. Work hard in rehab and keep training after rehab is over, and you can be just as strong as you were before (if not stronger)

About Andrew Sacks

I'm a 27-year-old former college baseball player, currently working as a strength and conditioning coach in Baltimore, MD.
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2 Responses to 325 Front Squat 2/19/14

  1. brad grimes says:

    thanks so much for the laugh i got from your earlier post regarding percoset and small dogs made of cheese lodged in your colon! i just had a tibial rod inserted after a spiral fracture & searched to see how soon i might be able to drive, saw the link and giggled far too long considering i am off the opiates. as a bicyclist i am glad to see how well you have recovered! keep up the good work!

  2. K.M says:

    I tore my ACL, PCL, and MCL on 06/06/14, and my first surgery was to repair my PCL. I was non-weight bearing for a month and a half, so my intial PT focused on passive ROM, quad strenthening and weight lifting for my arms and my other leg. My doctor finally allowed me to put full weight on my leg and I began aggressive PT for ROM; my doc wants it at 90 degrees by the end of August before we schedule the next surgery. As of today’s session, I made it 55 degrees, but it is so hard and so painful. I’m scared that I won’t be able to get where I need to be for the next surgery. I know that I have to be patient with myself, but it is so difficult.

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